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To: The Turks, everyone affiliated to ShinRa in one way or another.
From: Marisa

It has come to my attention that some of you are decidedly lacking in First Aid knowledge. Or sadly misinformed. Here are a couple of things that might possibly save your life and alot of unnecessary pain.

First: Cuts and scrapes

Ditch the hydrogen peroxide, iodine, rubbing alcohol, as well as Mecurochrome. Yes, DITCH IT. Burn it, whatever. They don't work. Do you know why it burns if you apply them onto open wounds? It's because the liquid eats at healthy cells and is toxic. And if you have Mercurochrome in your possession, destroy it before I find you and kill you, because doctors don't use it nowadays. The only way you get that would be through illegal means, and not through me. The last thing I need is a malpractice suit at this time, trust me.

CLEAN THE WOUND WITH WATER, people. I'm sure that's not too difficult, isn't it? If you're afraid of the bandage sticking, I have anti-bacterial ointment in the center. Come and get it.

Second: Burns

If you've got a burn, don't rub butter, soy sauce, or toothpaste over it. It causes infection and encourages bacterial growth. Also, wash it out under cool water. Once again, water is your FRIEND. Don't be afraid of it.

Wrap the wound in sterile gauze, and it will be fine. For the sods with itchy fingers, don't break blisters. It might come as a surprise to you, but blisters are good things. The fluid covers the burn nicely.

Third: Poison

If any of you are nuts enough to get poisoned by natural means - e.g ingesting lye etc, etc - kindly pick up the phone and dial the ShinRa Medical Center instead of taking matters into your own hands. We'll deal with this. IPECAC induces vomiting and other pesky little problems and does very little to remove poisons.

I know you all learned that tourniquets are Very Good Things in the case of severe blood flow. I am here to remind you that this does more harm than good. Explanation being that tourniquets increase the risk of tissue damage and even loss of that particular limb.

Apply direct pressure to the wound instead. It helps with the not dying as it reduces blood flow to the wound and promotes clotting. Place a clean cloth on the wound and press firmly. Don't remove the cloth even if it gets saturated with blood.

Lastly, the number of the Medical Center is already known to all of you. If you - or your companion, whatever the case may be - do not wish to bleed out all over the floor and die, call. There are paramedics and assorted medical personnel - myself included - willing to assist you.

Marisa Reyes, M.D.

Dean of ShinRa Medical Center
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